The Lay off Pay Off

It’s been 3 years since my “dream” job called the entire department into a early afternoon meeting, laid us off & sent us on our way. 


Naptural Beauty Supply was only in the idea/planning phase at the time & I was in school for business.


My 3 year plan: finish school, save for my beauty supply store & build my credit to be able to secure funding, all while raising three little humans.


My natural hair journey was interesting to say the least. I went from looking like Celie From The Color Purple to understanding what my hair needed to get the looks I so desired.


Through the journey I realized the missing piece was product education and confidence building. Since a child, I've always loved people. I found my purpose and I had a plan to get there right? Wrong. I was laid off now.


Lawd!!! I had to think 🤔 fast 💨 God has a way of letting you know your purpose. Being literally pushed into the very thing I wanted to do.


I will not lie and say that everything has been flowers and rainbows, it has not. What I can say is that when you follow in your purpose, things start to align for your benefit. We're still in January of 2020. MAKE. YOUR. MOVE.



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