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Rose water

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Introducing Naptural’s Top-Selling Rose Water

Experience the beauty of roses in a bottle with Naptural’s Rose Water! Our multi-use wonder is designed to elevate your hair, skin, and face care routines, all while enveloping you in the sweet, soothing scent of roses.

What Sets Our Rose Water Apart?
🌹 Rose Water: Soothe irritated skin, promote healing, and enhance your mood with the essence of roses.
💧 Glycerin: Combat acne-prone skin, provide deep moisturization, soften your skin, strengthen your hair, and bid farewell to frizz.
🌱 Aloe Vera: Packed with vitamins A and E, Aloe Vera locks in moisture for both hair and skin, conditions your scalp and locks, and alleviates itching.
🍊 Vitamin C: Infused with the power of Vitamin C to rejuvenate and brighten your skin.
🍃 Witch Hazel: Known for its natural astringent properties, it helps to tighten and refresh your skin.

Product Details:
🌼 Size: 4oz
📅 Shelf Life: 6-12 months after first use

Discover the secret to radiant skin, lustrous hair, and an enhanced mood with Naptural’s Rose Water. Elevate your self-care routine today!

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