Are the products safe on children?

Yes, our products are  all natural and are safe on children.

How often should I use NBS products?

Our products should be used daily for best results! Exfoliate (scrubs should be used 2-3 times a week) a long day away and then treat your skin to a refreshing butter. 

How do I use Holy Grail Hair Oil?

Oil is a sealant, so put moisture in first! For best results, use our rose water or you can use regular H2O. be sure to apply to that thirsty scalp. Coat your hands with it to take down a  style. Helps to promote hair growth.

The BUTTA's, how do I use them? 

ALL over! These are head to toe butters! If your hair is a little dry, use it like a grease. This would  be the C (cream) in the LOC Method. Here's an example: LOC Prep

What is the shelf life?

Unopened: 12-24 months  

Scrubs: are freshest if used within 3-6 months

Butta's: have a 12 month shelf life

Beard Bae: 12-24 months

Holy Grail: 12-24 months

Lip Balm/ Lip Scrub: 12-24 months

My product melted:

Put it in a cool dry area and it will harden, if you’re in a rush put it in the fridge and viola! Our products are all natural and tend to melt like actual butter if they get too hot. It’s having a meltdown, it is ok just give it a minute to pull itself back together.

I want to sell your products, do you do wholesale? 

Yes! Please visit our wholesale page and drop us a line and we’ll be happy to chat!


Can the body butters be used on hair too?

Yes, our butters can be used head to toe. Literally a new staple to your beauty regimen.