Naptural's 5 Year Anniversary Recap


A week later and I'm still in shock. We, Naptural Beauty Supply, made it to year 5. This year was so special, it was perfect. When I asked for help, which is something I have not done in years passing, people literally said yes with not an ounce of resistance. That let me know two things: I am loved and supported & people believe in my brand.

I wish I could jar up that feeling and open it on the not so great days. A huge thank you to our sponsors! We had both small businesses and organizations give both monetary and in-kind products and services!

We had amazing Black wines sponsored by the region's one and only Black Woman Wine Expert The Noir Co. thank you! most of our guests received a gift card from East End Food Co-op, thank you! Psst, they stock our edge control and our holy grail, if you got a gift card go in there and grab some Naptural and a smoothie! Oj Macklin Fit donated a month of fitness services! 12 free sessions!!! Thank you O! Lend An Ear Consulting donated services to 3 of our guests, ASL sign language and a business audit! Thank you Thank you Dominique Thornhill of Each One Teach One for donating in home childcare services for a date night!

That's so important for parents to be able to get out! Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh Thank you for your sponsorship! Thank you for helping us realize our vision! Bridgeway Capital was our GOLD Sponsor, I've had a relationship with them for sometime now and they jumped gave us our 1st sponsorship. We've gotten so many no's over the years & they said yes. A huge thank you to you! Ascender donated their space, we got so many compliments and were able to educate people on what the space is, thank you!

The decor was perfect, huge shout to Cluttered Design thank you for also pivoting when needed!The vibes were given with our Dj, moments captured by Grimey Productionz, food was awesome by Beyond Blessed Catering & cookies from GG Pops! a signature drink from TLC Libations! The charcuterie NBS was a hit, with custom cheeseheads from Charcuterie by E! Erica Gee!

I cannot forget how impactful our 1st ever Nappy Chat was! We dug in to natural hair are, skincare and loving yourself! Our fearless host was Ari Alex, she lead the conversation with grace! Our expert on hair are was none other than Tamiah Bridgett of It's a Natural Thang...! She laid our edges like only she can! We got to talk skin with my esthetician Alexis Adams she will absolutely get you together. Book everyone of them!

Thank you to my kids for dealing with my madness and helping setup, shout-out to the man child for jumping onto the role of registration! Thank you Monique Smith & Gracia Pops for helping setup! Thank you Mo for helping me organize and plan I love you both to life! Thank you to all my friends, family and customers who came out to love up on me and my growing business! Thank you for the gifts, flowers and everything in between. Thank you to my sister Nae Jackson, she rides for me and Naptural Beauty Supply and I cannot thank you enough thank you to those who share, purchase and simply uplift me. Entrepreneurship is HARD, all of those things help me keep going!