About Us

Naptural Beauty Supply specializes in luxurious and effective hair care, body care, and self care products that also happen to be all-natural, handmade, and vegan friendly! Now you can treat your hair with confidence knowing that the product you are using is good for your hair and body as well as the planet. Naptural Beauty Supply is a multi-faceted business created to educate individuals about the care and styling of Black hair while also providing appropriate products for a healthy and natural look.

LaShesia Holiday, entrepreneur and dedicated mother, first became interested in selling all-natural handmade hair and body care products when her daughter was born. Taylor, her daughter, was born severely premature alongside her stillborn brother. Driven by the devastation from the loss of her son, LaShesia was determined to see her daughter through the healing process as a premature baby. She was tasked with the duty of helping her daughter’s hair grow, and so she set out to research effective and natural hair care ingredients. From this important research, the hair growth ​ Holy Grail Oil​ ​ was born.

There was a time when LaShesia also experienced frustrations with the state of her own natural hair, and she was determined to find a solution that would work for her, her daughter, and anyone in the Black community interested in improving their natural kinks and coils. LaShesia soon discovered that it was impossible to find all the necessary products for good hair care in one location. She found that the workers at the local beauty stores were not familiar with Black hair; in addition, she had to visit multiple stores and online shops to get everything she needed! Naptural Beauty Supply was specifically created to serve as a central location for those seeking all-natural products guaranteed to nourish your hair and body.

Naptural Beauty Supply offers a variety of ​ divine hair care and skin care products​ including body butters and scrubs, rose water and facial masks, and essential oils as well as safe hair care tools. One of their most popular products include the​ Beard Bae Bundle​, which is a product line designed specifically for the care and growth of men’s facial hair through the use of aromatic all-natural products. With the mission to create a community that also feels like family, Naptural Beauty Supply has a high focus on exceptional customer service. In addition, we are dedicated to building unbreakable trust with our customers so we may continue our mission to help the men and women of the Black community embrace themselves as they naturally are.