Heavy On The Self care

I'm writing to you pre-election results, but the message is the same either way. 

Today Feels HEAVY. 

The kind of heavy I need to unplug, pull away from social media, put some Lemongrass Essential Oil in my Diffuser, turn on some 90's R&B, give myself a good Facial Take a hot shower with a Shower Bomb permeating the bathroom. The kind of heavy I need to Scrub the day off of me, like I'm trying to scrub the racism away, but Lord knows it cannot be done. The kind of day I need to butter myself down, because on top of today's long ass list of task, surviving this is added and it just feels heavy. The kind of day I need to give myself a Pedi at home, because I need to feel the water between my toes.

I cannot escape America's wild ass ways and it saddens me, not only for me, but especially my kids. They're so hopeful and full of life, what age do I tell them the world doesn't love them? That somewhere between birth and pubescent years, people will look at them differently. As a baby the world gawks and coos at their every move, but something changes as they grow older. As our boys turn unto young men the Karens start to grab their purse as they walk past, girl f*ck you and that bag.

 Oil your scalp, detangle, read, take a shower or a bubble bath, phone a friend, call your therapist, pray, meditate, RESTHell, do all of the above, just know it's ok not to be ok. Rest doesn't make you weak, it rejuvenates you to keep on keeping on. I know some things in life are not fair, this may or may not be on of those things. 

I read something about Black People thinking they're failing, when in fact they're experiencing Anxiety and or Depression. That resonated with me for me and my fellow sisters and brothers. Give yourself credit! We have to stop the mantra "I'll sleep when I die." Rest when you're tired, I'm right here with you and I know systematic racism along with many other factors has put us behind several hundred years, I get it. Racist know we're making strides, thats why they fight so hard to keep things the same.

"But still I rise" Maya Angelou, after rest of course.

Dear Naptural Fam, take care of yourself, cause this is heavy.


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  • Dearest Sheshe…black lives don’t matter UNTIL they matter to black people first. We have to respect and love our own first…without excuses. We’re harder on our own than we are on anyone else. There are many of us pumping fists and wearing paraphernalia screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER…but don’t shop or date/marry black. They say love doesn’t know color…well, with all the lynchings,burnings,shootings experiments,and all of the cruel things that blacks have been subjected to in this country; there obviously isn’t any love for us.

    Jewell Harris

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