I created Holy Grail Hair Oil to help my premature daughter's hair grow

Story Behind Holy Grail:


My daughter, Taylor, was born severely premature at 23 weeks. Taylor was bald when she was born, while the doctors helped save her life, it was my job to help her hair. I mixed oils to help her hair grow, now her hair is down her back!



The Back Story:

Taylor is truly a miracle child. 

I went into labor at 19 weeks with twins, a boy and a girl. I was told that if they came prior to 25 weeks, they would die. I made it to 23 weeks before I gave birth. My son, Tyreek Leon, did not make it. Taylor, however, slid into the world feet first. She weighed only 1 pound and 8 ounces, she fought hard in the NICU for 109 days. After Infections, surgeries and many other surprises, she graduated the NICU and came home! 

She came home on oxygen, a heart AND a pulse monitor. Being thrown into a nurse role, grieving the loss of my son & being a single mother to two other children, I found myself lacking the time to care for myself. I was gifted a body scrub by an organization that helped single parents. That body scrub made me feel great, just a few minutes in the shower was the daily self care I needed, and helped me tackle my day more effectively. With Taylor's health being a top priority, I lost my job, not being able to afford to buy a body scrub I started making them for myself. Our Body Scrubs were Naptural's first launched product and have remained a NBS Family top seller!

Taylor is a testament of God's Grace!

Taylor was the most beautiful baby, with a single swirly curl that sat atop her head. Once Taylors health was stable, I started to mix oils to help her hair grow, fast forward to today, her hair is down her back. That oil is now know as Holy Grail Hair Oil! I set out to help my daughter with her hair and skin issues, and ended up helping so many in the process. 


Length Check!


 Holy Grail Hair Oil Tips!

Tips: This is the Mother of all oils! For moisture retention, it is best used in our LOC Method (would be the “O” in the method.) Pair with our rose water for a Loc treatment. Pro Tip: Oil hands to takedown styles for minimal frizz!


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