Self Made: Madam C.J. Walker in the wake of 'Rona

I was already a fan of Madam C.J. Walker from researching her in college, but her story in film really hit home. As a Black Women Entrepreneur, it was an affirmation for me to continue to move forward. She was born to parents who were slaves, if she would have lived the life others expected her too, we would not have known her. Watching the series sparked the inspiration, that even in the uncertainty of COVID19, keep going. If only taking baby steps, keep walking. Mrs. Walker knew how to:

  • Persevere
  • Problem-solve

The need to Pivot, in my personal life as well as in my business, is apparent in this time. We had to pivot into being completely virtual company, after being a mainly personal interaction business for years. I love to chat and interact with people, so this has been a tough for me. There's so many new changes to our lives, and right now, this is our new normal. Being a busy mom, entrepreneur, friend, daughter, sister, and the list goes on, I get that these times are challenging. However, we have to have the same tenacity that Madam Walker had and let nothing or no-one stop us from our destiny, especially ourselves. Right now, it's easy to get down on yourself, I challenge you to do the opposite and stop sitting on that idea, and move. Get creative, as I did with the Naptural Emergency Kit. A kit that keeps your hands clean, while also relieving dry cracked hands from all of the hand washing.

This series let me know, we're on the right track. We push through, work tirelessly on customer service to ensure we're always providing a pleasant experience, we pride ourselves on being a company of its word & our products do what they're indented to do. With the help of our loyal clients, our small business will be and empire one day. Although it may seem cliche, if you can dream it you can achieve it! 


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