The COVID19 Shift

Prior to COVID19 shutting down our storefront, over 98% of our sales were in person. Within minutes of the announcement of the shutdown, all of our events were canceled and our world as we once knew it, changed. We have had to pivot completely into an online space, which requires the in person experience to be transferred to the online world. We have been working tirelessly to make the online shopping experience an enjoyable one. We are open to any and all feedback to enhance your online visit. 

To reduce the spread of COVID19, we created a hand sanitizer kit, called the Naptural Emergency Kit. We also have created products specifically for folks cooped up in the house like our At Home Spa Kit . We want to thank you all for being so flexible and allowing us to continue to service you, we have been cranking out orders as they come in, and our shipping has been FASTER than Amazon Prime chile! Customers have been receiving orders as soon as next day!! Although the world is starting to transition into an "open" space, we will continue to service our customers in the online setting, as this keeps us all safe.

Businesses across the globe have been experiencing delays, we are a family run small business that has been doing its best to keep your favorite products in stock. With delays from our raw material suppliers, some items may be temporarily out of stock. Please bare with us, as we always want to ensure our product quality remains TOP notch. 

I cannot thank you all enough for being the best part of Naptural!




LaShesia 💜




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